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Registrar um nome de usuário é opcional, mas incentivado. Você não precisa dar seu nome ou quaisquer detalhes pessoais para se registrar.

Todos podem contribuir para a Gamepedia, independentemente de decidirem se registrar. No entanto, há vários benefícios em registrar um nome de usuário, incluindo:

  • Having an account gives you many extra features, including more editing options and user preferences. One handy feature is the watchlist, which makes it easier for you to track changes to pages you are interested in. Another is the ability to move or rename a page. (Do not move pages simply through copying and pasting as the edit history is not preserved that way.)
  • An unregistered user is identified by his or her computer's IP address, which is used as their public identifier when making contributions (and signing comments on talk pages). Your computer's IP address can often be used to find information about you, so registering increases your privacy by making your IP address non-visible to other editors. Also, because IP addresses often change, unregistered users sometimes find it more difficult to gain respect and recognition from other editors through building a good track record. It can also be more difficult to carry on conversations with such non-registered users since they lack a unique talk page. For these reasons, many Gamepedians consider registering to indicate a greater willingness by you to stand behind your edits, and your comments on discussion pages. This means your contributions to articles and discussion pages will generally be given more weight.
  • Some pages can require users to be registered before they may be edited. Similarly, some edits may be blocked unless a user is registered.
  • Only registered users are allowed to become wiki guardians or administrators (also known as sysops).

Se você se registrar, não esqueça sua senha ou seu nome de usuário. Se você está propenso a esquecê-las, certifique-se de inserir seu endereço de e-mail como parte da inscrição, para que possa receber uma nova senha se esquecer a sua atual.

Clique aqui para se cadastrar

Como registrar[editar código-fonte]

To register, click the link above, or click the Log in/create an account link at the top right corner of any page.

You won't be able to easily change your username once you choose it, so be sure of the name you want to use.

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